Light Relaxed-Perm

Light Relaxed-Perm Machine Weft ₦ 54,558.39 ($149.49) each
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If you have always dreamed of donning relaxed straight hair, you’re in the right place! We offer you the best relaxed hair products that can give you the natural look for the in-demand relaxed African American hair feel.

Get a hold of the latest human hair trend as you try our relaxed straight hair products.  It is made of finest and purest composition of human hair giving you an all natural hair experience.

This latest human hair product definitely gives you a touch of natural and relaxed hair. It also gives you a finer and sleeker look as compared to our Relaxed Perm.  You know it’s never too late to get that straight hair with less texture and medium-low luster. Flaunt your crowning glory now with the latest human relaxed straight hair innovation!